Vertcoin Mining Pool

June 29, 2022

vertcoin mining pools

The ideal one would have the lowest fees and the highest payouts. This article will give you all the needed information to make the most optimal choice of a Vertcoin mining pool. It’s much more reliable and you don’t have to worry about running a physical machine, about the electricity, bandwidth or about the possible downtime. The software will output your daily, monthly and yearly profit.


Just like I said in my Vertcoin beginner’s guide, so easy your great aunt Sally could do it. Vertcoin has developed its own simple One-Click Miner, which gives you the ability to mine Vertcoins on your own computer. The maximum amount of Vertcoins that will ever exist is just 84,000,000 which makes the coin more valuable than other currencies.

This is the amount of data you’ll need for Vertcoin mining per device. The latter is still being used to keep the Vertcoin network ASICs-resistant, so the only viable hardware for Vertcoin mining is either GPU or CPU. Investors interested in mining Vertcoin can buy crypto on various exchanges, including HitBTC, Bitvavo, Finexbox, CoinEx and Bittrex. Some exchanges also offer staking pools where you can mine and earn VTC as a reward.

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Payout Scheme – This is something you’ll need to look at and decide how important it is to you. There are many different payout schemes offered by mining pools. Some are geared more towards luck, while others look to make payouts as fair as possible based on contributed hash power. Pay per Share and Pay per Share Plus (PPS+) are two popular schemes that remove miner risk as the pool pays a flat payment for each share solved.

  • The fee and reward systems differ and depending on the total hash rate of the pool, you’ll see different results.
  • In January 2021, Vertcoin introduced Verthash, its current mining algorithm, to enhance its network security against ASIC miners.
  • The reward has been halved twice, and initially stood at 50 VTC per block.
  • This paint a very good picture, as it shows that the network is far from a 51% attack.

That’s why the token can be mined only on CPU and GPU computers. The cryptocurrency is also integrated with Lyra2REv2 technology, strengthening the network and keeping ASIC miners away from the crypto. With Vertcoin being such a popular coin for home miners there’s no shortage of available pools. So, I won’t be listing all of them, but I will give you a good selection of choices. Increasing this value by one increases the peak memory consumption of the pool cluster by 1 GB. Keep in mind that when some pools experience problems, that may cause downtime.

Vertcoin Block Reward

Unfortunately, you can’t mine Vertcoin in iOS because Apple restricted mining due to the damage mining apps caused to its devices’ hardware. Steve has been writing for the financial markets for the past 7 years and during that time has developed a growing passion for cryptocurrencies. Vertcoin uses a consensus protocol you may not have heard of called Lyra2REv2. This is an ASIC-resistant protocol, which is keeping with Vertcoin’s mission to remain decentralized and free of ASIC mining. One factor to consider when mining VTC is that the Lyra2REv2 protocol works best with Nvidia GPUs.


ASIC resistance makes Vertcoin and ideal choice for the individual home mining enthusiast. You can see the profits you’re going to win in a day, week, month and a year. You can also check how much your electricity would cost you and how many coins you are going to mine exactly. If you are checking your cloud mining profits, just make sure your earnings outweigh the costs.

Vertcoin mining software

Make sure you choose a pool that’s close to you to optimize your mining efforts. Some can be as low as 0.25%, while others are as high as 5%. When you’re through with this, click next and you’ll get yet another window that will finalize the installation. Finishing up, you’re computer will redirect you to a screen asking if you want to run the 1-Click miner software.

Essentially, pool mining is a much better profit alternative, as it provides you with a stable income and your chances of success are higher. A public production pool requires a web-frontend for your users to check their hashrate, earnings etc. Miningcore does not include such frontend but there are several community projects that can be used as starting point. It’s actually pretty easy – each mining gear has a software, which you connect to the pool of your choice.


If you canon digital slr cameras already have a wallet, you can either download Vertcoin’s core wallet from the currency’s website, the Vertcoin Electrum wallet, or its Coinomi mobile wallet. No sweat–you can choose to send your mining revenue to wallet on another device entirely. This is done using a mining algorithm that deliberately geared against devices like ASICs, FPGAs and CPUs making them extremely inefficient. Consensus distribution over time is the most important aspect of a blockchain and should not be taken lightly. It is critical that you understand what blockchain specifications mean/do to fully understand Vertcoin.

Before you mining Vertcoin, it’s important to be aware of the rewards you’ll be receiving. At the moment, one VTC is worth around $0.13, though this fluctuates multiple times a day. In any case, it’s safe to say that Vertcoin isn’t currently worth an awful lot.

You can download the latest and securest Vertcoin Wallet here. Vertcoin uses a different approach, with no ICO, airdrop or premiere. Unlike other communities bringing a special emphasis to fundraising in ICOs, VTC puts its developers and community at the forefront. Its social nature attracts investors and miners, and VTC’s well-being is in the hands of people. Uptime – If you can find the uptime of the pool you should find one with an uptime as close to 100% as possible.

We’ve already mentioned the use of rigs for mining Vertcoin. However, something you need to consider is the noise and heat produced by these machines while working full speed to provide the best results. To combat these issues, we’ve prepared a dedicated guide with the help of our mining experts. You’ll find tips and recommendations, based on their own experience and research, at the link.

Distribution of Vertcoin is fair, without a premine, ICO, or airdrop. Vertcoin is developed by volunteers from the community and funded solely by donations. Using the Vertcoin One Click miner, it is effortless to mine Vertcoin. See this video to learn how to mine Vertcoin with the VerthashMiner via MiningPoolHub.

This is because mining pools can have thousands or even millions of members depending on their popularity and supported coins. In large pools, a huge amount of hash power is being donated by each member , meaning blocks can be mined on a much more regular basis. Therefore, those who are part of a mining pool receive a much steadier stream of mining income.

You should carefully consider whether you fully understand how cryptocurrency trading works and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing all your invested money. The Vertcoin network continues to develop to ensure it remains resistant to ASIC. For this reason, the VTC ecosystem will remain open to everyone interested in mining Vertcoin. You can find the stratum address published on the pool’s web page.

Once you’ve clicked on that, wait for the download to complete and then click on the setup extension at the bottom of your computer screen. You may think CPUs are cheaper because they’re often less efficient, but even these can be expensive. The best mining CPUs on the market today can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. To calculate VTC mining profit, you can use